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images of two books described below Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Article 3, United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Safety for Stalking Victims by Lyn Bates
An essential guide. Ms Bates explains what is known about evaluating a stalker's potential for violence and how to stop the situation becoming worse while being ready for anything. This book has practical strategies to put you in control of your life and break the cycle of terror.

Lyn Bates is a founder and vice president of AWARE, a non-profit organization devoted to teaching women to protect themselves. An award winning expert on anti-stalking strategies, she has helped thousands of people to avoid potential dangers and defend themselves.

The Truth About Self Protection by Massad Ayoob
The best personal protection guide by a world renowned expert. Mr Ayoob's extensive experience in the personal protection field quickly becomes apparent by his comprehensive coverage of the subject. The ideal companion to the more narrowly focused Safety for Stalking Victims.

Massad Ayoob is a police captain who has authored numerous books, produced a range of videos, and writes several magazine columns (most notably 'The Ayoob Files'). He also founded the Massad Ayoob Group, which provides defensive training to military personnel and civilians.

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